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I've been thinking that community open source could perhaps do more to make itself comparable. For instance, Plone as a community is a very distributed and loose organisation but it is still an organisation. As a total organisation, including commercial integrators, it does make revenue. Consultancy, support, hosting etc. If Plone were a single company that would all be tracked and reported on so that those who like such things to analyse (for better or for worse) could do so.

But is it possible, even without Plone being one company?

For instance could an independent auditor collect all "plone revenue" figures from all registered integrators for the purposes of created an amalgamated figure?

How would work done with an organisation such as a university be valued?

Instead is it possible to estimate from stats we currently have?

Are there any stats about Plone's success that are really meaningful?

Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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