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I've been looking for the silver bullet that will slay the werewolf of web statistics for several years, both for Plone and in my day-job. Alas, I don't have a simple mechanism for pulling the answers you want (and the community needs) out of the aether. I've gone on at some length over at http://plonemetrics.blogspot.com/2009/08/meaningful-stats.html PloneMetrics
this morning.

Perhaps the best thing to do is have a Marketing Monday. Divvy up Plone.net and send individual contact e-mails out with a questionnaire. When/ if the results roll in, manually accumulate them. Obviously, when it comes to financial matters of Plone companies, a great deal of confidentiality will
be required.

Thanks. I read your blog post with interest.

Gathering up total plone revenue would be interesting but also a lot of effort. It also doesn't count all the work done by resource internal to a company which I suspect is substantial.

Perhaps effort is better put into call back home type functionality in plone (which has been discussed before) to gather better install base stats. It would be very interesting to gather user counts on as many plone sites as possible, and times them by the average sharepoint per user license fee and give plone a sharepoint equivalent revenue figure. Someone is probably going to tell me that such suspect statistics will do the reputation of Plone more harm than good but it doesn't sound worse than the top 3% of open source projects figure we use a lot which is pretty meaningless. I'm just trying to come at this from the point of view of how business decision makers judge the worth of Plone if they aren;t in front of a seller such as us. Plone is a 300M USD or 600M USD etc business equivalent is simple enough to understand.

Maybe a marketing sprint would be worthwhile. Anyone care to visit ABQ this

I'm pretty sure there will be one at the Plone conference but I have yet to hear any annoucement.


Dylan Jay wrote:

...But is it possible, even without Plone being one company?

For instance could an independent auditor collect all "plone revenue"
figures from all registered integrators for the purposes of created an
amalgamated figure?

How would work done with an organisation such as a university be valued?

Instead is it possible to estimate from stats we currently have?

Are there any stats about Plone's success that are really meaningful?

Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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