Mark, Karl,
I'll ensure there is a slot for this on the open spaces day and will see it we can get a skype call going during for remote participation. I'm very interested in this myself.

Also, we (Netsight) are in the process of designing a new Plone brochure that we want to open source and get feedback from the community, so if there is anyone at the conference also interested in this let me know (Jean-Paul, Nate: I've already got you guys in my sights as I know you've both produced good materials, and Nate this could be good for Gilbane conf too)


On 27 Oct 2009, at 05:06 AM, Mark Corum <> wrote:


Though my travel and work schedule did not allow me to attend the conference, I would be interested in attending remotely if something comes of this , regardless of time zones.

We're in the process of a complete reboot of our marketing efforts, and now that the board has approved our marketing plan and resources to drive the plan forward, I think you will be happy with where we are going.

I've been asked by the board to lead the effort - but in marketing that means I need to be the one spending the most time listening, not talking. I would love to hear the ideas the group comes up with so we can make sure our goals are the right ones and methods ones you approve.


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On Oct 26, 2009, at 11:00 AM, Francesco Ciriaci <> wrote:

Please raise your hand :)

There are several missed opportunities and several mistakes to be tackled by the Plone Marketing group; we could cheerfully meet during the conference, right?

Examples: the rise of Wordpress (yes, in corporate sites also), Drupal state of the art, Sympony CMS rise, and visual design, Plone UI: can we wait for Plone 5, and many more :-P
All above related to "sellability" not tech/development.

Sorry for the crosspost, cheers,

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