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> Hi *,
> during the last days I've talked to one of the LoCo Germany (this is a
> Ubuntu community group - see my last mail) members. He recommended to have a
> group of at least 6 - 8 persons for the booth. So each day 1 or 2 persons
> can "relax" what seems to be needed as the CeBit is a week of pure stress.

I plan to be around for most of the time but I certainly don't want to
be at the booth
10 hours a day for 5 days. Also I guess a large percentage of the
visitors will be local
and even if they know English well they will prefer to speak in German.

> And the stand shouldn't be too technical. The target group of the CeBit are
> decision makers. And these people do not want to know how smat matching or
> something like this works. They want to know what can be done in Perl and
> why should they use Perl. So we should have a booth design that respects
> these needs.
> I would propose this concept:
> We could feature one Perl related project each day (or two days). These
> projects should be "business proved" like OTRS (http://otrs.org) or Foswiki
> (http://foswiki.org). This doesn't mean that we should show only these
> projects on these days, but we could show demosystems, videos or similar
> stuff.

Briefly we talked about the preparation of a Live CD. I think we should ASAP
start to collect materials that could be both demoed and then handed out
as a CD. We should be should be ready with the first version for FOSDEM
so by CeBit we have a better version.

> I've talked with some people from OTRS and they would like to support us.
> And the ((otrs)) Inc. is at the CeBit, too. They offered to show posters for
> our booth in their booth.
> I would ask the Foswiki people, too.

That's great.

> I have these projects in mind:
>  * Padre
>  * Foswiki
>  * OTRS
>  * TPF
>  * ...

To my surprise I have not heard from the Bricolage people and
my contacts from WebGUI have not responed yet either.
I don't have high hopes in the next few days but once the new year
starts I hope we will see some of these people respond.

> I got the recommendation, that we should use this opportunity to ask for
> funds for TPF.
> What we would need for CeBit:
>    -> brochures
>        + 8 pages with Perl content
>    -> flyer
>        + a very brief overview of resources
>        + 1 DIN-A4 page folded
>        + maybe adapt flyer from other events (OSCON)
>    -> TPF banner?
>    -> posters
>        -> who uses perl?
>        -> ...
>    -> projector? (do we show something)
>    -> laptop? (for the presentations)
>    -> CDs?
>    -> wooden round tuits?
>    -> "baseball" cards?
>    -> coffee mugs? (to sell - profit for TPF)
> We would need to discuss, who pays for what...

I certainly hope that both TPF and EPO will allocate a budget
for these and we should approach companies using Perl and having
Perl projects to fund some of the expenses.

> Gabor, do you know the size of our booth?

only that it is "not big".

> The Ubuntu guy said, that they have two chairs and a small table in the back
> of the booth. That would be for discussions with interested people. In the
> front they have one or two tables for giveaways.
> I would propose that we create a shirt for the booth staff.

Can we have more than one? :-)

> Any thoughts about my ideas? Who will attend CeBit? Should I ask german
> Perlmongers?

Definitely. I think the best chance is to have people from German and maybe
the Austrian Perl mongers to help us.


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