Gabor Szabo schrieb:
I got the recommendation, that we should use this opportunity to ask for
funds for TPF.

What we would need for CeBit:

   -> brochures
       + 8 pages with Perl content
   -> flyer
       + a very brief overview of resources
       + 1 DIN-A4 page folded
       + maybe adapt flyer from other events (OSCON)
   -> TPF banner?

I think something like a roll-up display ( would be a great idea.

   -> posters
       -> who uses perl?
       -> ...
   -> projector? (do we show something)

no space to use a projector

   -> laptop? (for the presentations)
   -> CDs?

An Ubuntu Live-CD? There are some tutorials about creating your own Live-CD... I will play with it next week.

   -> wooden round tuits?
   -> "baseball" cards?
   -> coffee mugs? (to sell - profit for TPF)

I think there is not enough space to sell anything :-(

Gabor, do you know the size of our booth?

only that it is "not big".

If it is the same size as last year, you can see the stands on this picture:;bild=1

Any thoughts about my ideas? Who will attend CeBit? Should I ask german

Definitely. I think the best chance is to have people from German and maybe
the Austrian Perl mongers to help us.

Ok, I'll send the mails next week!


- Renée


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