I have updated the wiki page
with the amounts of the things I have.

Pieces wise, the number of left over tuits is quite low (though CeBit
might need less than FOSDEM did)
and we also have only 500 or so post cards and only one box of the
nice community cards Salve created.

Cost - wise it seems we have 30 USD left that won't let us create anything new
but YEF might provide us with some more money. If that happens we can
try to buy more things
to give away.

for that I'd like to ask you that you also update the number of items
you prepared (number of DVDs, brochures etc.)
so we can have a better view what do we have and that we will also
have the record for future events.

It might bee too late to create plush camels or mugs with onions -
someone might correct me if I am wrong -
though we might still try.

I think I'd like to have more wooden tuits and some more of the
postcards - though these need to be updated
so the events list will only have future events - and more community cards.

Rich, Salve,
could you please upload or send to me the source art work you used?
I'd like to collect them and put them in a common place with copyright
and license information to make
it easy for others to reuse them.


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