OSCON this year is 24-28 July, in Portland, Oregon, on the West Coast of the USA. Sun will have a pod there, and OOo will be represented by me and possibly others. (We were (or I was) hoping to have engineers there to conduct workshops for developers--OSCON is not quite FOSDEM but does appeal to funded developers--but it was a no go. A more feasible candidate is now EuroOSCON, in September, the week after OOoCon.)

OSCON can be a lot of fun though its "worthwhileness" is debatable. All the open source projects already know about us, so the main reason to attend is to help with technology and contributing, to suggest where development can take place, and so on. Advertising the product is useful, as industry reps do cruise the scene, and I'll certainly try to come with up-to-date brochures and cds, but much of the discussions in OSCON pertain to technology, community, contributions.

That said, it does offer a venue for anyone who would want to present a short (10-15 min.) spiel on a particular element of OOo. Last year, two people presented on features/elements of OOo in the Sun pod, and there was a small audience for them. It went nicely.

If you are interested, let me know. I can't offer much. I'm probably going to be funded by CollabNet to attend (I'll also be representing CollabNet) and I believe OOo has no money, for this event. If you live locally, in Portland, or the vicinity, that'd be great.



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