>From: Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > On 17-Mar-01, James Higgo wrote:
> > > How many more ingenious 'solutions' will there be to the paradoxes
> > > that belief in a 'first person' leads to? Quite a few I imagine, >
> > Of course we are hard-wired to perceive the passage of time,
> > three-dimensional space, and the pleasure of sex.  Physics and
> > Darwin provide explanations of this.
> > What's your explanation?...oh, never mind, I know..."It just is."

    You know, if James Higgo would relax his empiricism a bit and believe in 
an absolute measure distibution (which allows for Darwin to be meaningful), 
and the "1st person" crowd would get a clue and forget about the myth of 
"first person measure" (which could never explain Darwin anyway), then we 
could all just get along :)

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