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>> Jacques M Mallah, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, writes:
>> >    It is surely true that in the MWI, old copies of you-like beings 
>> > will exist.  It is also true that they will be of very small measure, and
>> > that the effective probability of being one of those copies is very tiny.
>> We would agree that "someone" is going to be those people.  One way to
>> ask the question at hand is, would that "someone" be "you".  This then
>> depends on the definition of identity.
>> If you define all beings who follow from your present state by the laws
>> of physics as "you", then that "someone" will be "you".  In that case,
>> "you" will eventually find yourself to be very old.
>       Things that are consequences of such a definition:
>       "You" would have multiple futures.  In some worlds "you" will
>become physically identical to a being such as "I" currently am.  "You"
>(IIRC) will die and be reborn many times.  "Your" measure would decrease
>with time.  In some worlds there will be many of "you" that reproduce by
>dividing like ameobas.
>       Things that are NOT consequences of such a definition:
>       Immortality, since you can't manufacture measure with word games.

I have probably missed something (in the 10^9 episodes!), but I still 
cannot figure out why should "my"  measure decrease with "time".
At least with comp, it seems to me that the measure can only grow, 
for I can have only a countable set of past histories, and (even "without 
immortality") "I" have a uncountable set of futur "histories" 

If you (or any one else) could elaborate on this, and/or refer me to the 
discussion-list, or to an URL, it would help me to understand the point.

You also seem to know what precisely the "measure" is. In 
http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal I give a *proof*
that if comp is correct then we MUST isolate "physics" from such a 
After that,
I use modal and provability logic to illustrate how to construct a path 
TOWARD such a measure.
I aknowledge that I am at a billion miles from having isolate it ..., and 
I'm still
open to the idea that such a measure doesn't exist (in wich case comp 
would be false).
Where does your assurance come from ?


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