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> >     It is surely true that in the MWI, old copies of you-like beings 
> > will exist.  It is also true that they will be of very small measure, and
> > that the effective probability of being one of those copies is very tiny.
> We would agree that "someone" is going to be those people.  One way to
> ask the question at hand is, would that "someone" be "you".  This then
> depends on the definition of identity.
> If you define all beings who follow from your present state by the laws
> of physics as "you", then that "someone" will be "you".  In that case,
> "you" will eventually find yourself to be very old.

        Things that are consequences of such a definition:
        "You" would have multiple futures.  In some worlds "you" will
become physically identical to a being such as "I" currently am.  "You"
(IIRC) will die and be reborn many times.  "Your" measure would decrease
with time.  In some worlds there will be many of "you" that reproduce by
dividing like ameobas.
        Things that are NOT consequences of such a definition:
        Immortality, since you can't manufacture measure with word games.

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