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> And by the way, if the measure was NOT continuous along some branches of the 
> MW, then we could simply ignore those branches since they are irrelevent to 
> immortality, and concern ourselves only with those branches which are 
> relevent where the measure is continuous. (Anthropic reasoning)

        What if ALL branches terminate?
        Note 1: this is perfectly compatible with an ensemble of branches
which does not terminate even though each individual branch does, if there
are infinitely many branches.
        Note 2: this is really the situation in QM, if a 'branch' is
understood as an implementation of a brain computation.  If you disagree I
must ask for a mathematically precise definition of branch.

        Note 3: I have not been active recently because I have a lot of
work to do, and I will have for the next few weeks.  To all Qiciders: Do
not interpret silence on my part as a lack of contempt for your writings.
        Note 4: George, you still owe me an apology re: Bayesian Boxes.

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