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> >     I've explained that in other posts, but as you see, the idea is indeed
> > mathematically incoherent - unless you just mean the conditional effective
> > probability which a measure distribution defines by definition.  And _that_
> > one, of course, leads to a finite expectation value for ones's observed age
> > (that is, no immortality).

I've just realised that according to the Bayesian argument, the chances of someone 
with an infinite world-line being ANY specific
age are infinitesimal. (It also makes the chances of me being the age I am pretty 
infinitesimal too, come to think of it). That
would seem to indicate that the Bayesian argument *assumes* that infinite world-lines 
(and possibly infinite anythings) are
impossible. Sorry I took so long to spot that objection to the SSA argument, which I 
will call (4).


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