>     O O            > ??? - There is no way of assigning equal
>  OO O O O          > nonvanishing probability to infinitely
>   O O O O          > many mathematical structures, each being
>     O O O          > represented by a finite set of axioms.
>  OO O O O       
>         O       okay - strictly speaking, you are correct. but a
>  OOOOOOO        common trick is to compute equal-probabilities
>         O       on finite subsets of the infinite set. and then
> O OOOOO O       you can take the limit as those subsets "grow"
> O O     O       to the size of the infinite set.
>    OOO  O       
>  O    OO        the "growing" here is important - very often the
>  O OO   O       order in which you add members to the set change
>  O   OOOO       how the series converges. but for the case of
>  O OOO          expected complexity, it does not.

but in the limit uniform probabilities vanish. Maybe you'd like to
write down formally what you mean.                                 

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