Scott W. Somerville wrote:

>Rodolfo writes, "There are no hints of predestination."
>By the term "block multiverse" I mean a reality in which everything
>MUST happen, in some "timeline" or "universe."  This sounds a lot like
>predestination to me.
>Scott W. Somerville, Esq.

Not necessarily. You can have predestination in God Eyes (3 person point
of view, as given by SWE for example). But from the relative state of
the observer (akin to the 1 person view), who has not the slightest
ability for seeing the "block universe", things are really necessarily
(for him/her) not predestinate.
It is the fate of the poor universal machine: forced to make choice while
still hesitating.
BTW I would restrict the "block multiverse" to *consistent* events.
A finite proof of 1=0 will not happen, ... I hope!


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