On Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 08:47  PM, Wei Dai wrote:
>> Seen this way, category and topos theory are worth studying for their
>> own sake. I don't think it is likely that "every conceivable universe
>> with consistent laws of mathematics has actual existence" (to nutshell
>> my understanding of Tegmark's theory) is actually true (whatever that
>> means). Nor do I take Schmidhuber's "all running programs" notion very
>> seriously. Interesting ideas to play with, and to use some tools on.
> Well why don't you take these ideas seriously?

Lack of even the slightest piece of evidence for "all possible 
mathematical universes actually exist" and/or "the all runnable computer 

I also don't believe there are gods or other supernatural beings, for 
the same reason.

If and when I see an experiment that points to there being other 
universes which have tangible existence, then I'll start to believe.

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