On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 12:08:39PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> This comes from the fact that MWI is explained most of the time
> in the context of non relativistic QM (which assumes time and space).
> But this problem disappear once you take into account the
> space time structure of relativistic QM, where roughly speaking
> moment of time are handled by "parallel" universes (see Deutsch FOR).

I got Deutsch's book, but it doesn't mention relativistic QM at all. Can 
you elaborate on what the MWI of relativistic QM is, or point me to 
another paper or book, or give me a page number in FOR that deals with 

> With quantum *general* relativity, where the universe differentiate
> at the level of the space-time structure aswell, we get the
> all topological approach transforming the search of natural law
> into the search of knot invariant. I urge everyone interested
> in TOES to read the pedagogical chef d'oeuvre "KNOTS and PHYSICS"
> by Louis H Kaufmann. It is a shortcut to "standard TOES" (like
> quantum gravity approach) and the link with the self-reference
> logic approach is just a matter of ... time ;)

I assume you're still working on the promised English paper/book. Can you
give us a complete list of prerequisites now for understanding it, so we 
can get started on them now? :) I.e., what books must a person read before 
reading your upcoming paper/book?

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