Title: Re: MWI of relativistic QM
At 13:09 -0400 25/09/2002, Wei Dai wrote:

Is there a paper or book that describes this discrete minkowski multiverse
in more detail?

Tim gives some interesting references. A formidable paper on discretization
is "Foundations of Discrete Physics (Working Document January 1999)", by Kauffman. Click on Discrete at http://www.math.uic.edu/~kauffman/ANPA-98.ps
1Oth line from the bottom.

> If you call being stuck in front of a white page working y're right. Sorry.

I don't understand your difficulty. Why don't you just take your thesis
and all of the posts you've written for this list, put them into some
logical order, edit, and publish?

Thanks for the suggestion. My "stucking" is more psychological and linked
to "things of life sort of things". I don't want bore you with that. I'am just
asking some patience and indulgence for my slowness ....

Thanks for the list of prerequisites, BTW. I'm going to read Three Roads
to Quantum Gravity, Quantum Logic in Algebraic Approach, and Mathematics
of Modality, and get back to you.

OK. Nice choice. The last two are rather technical, reading will not be enough!
Don't forget to look at Ziegler web page for a nice summary of Quantum Logic.
Also Ziegler makes the link with quantum probability. Not all quantum Logician
are aware of the importance of linking logic and probability.
Ziegler = http://lagrange.uni-paderborn.de/~ziegler/qlogic.html
Miklos Redei makes the link with probability also. And also with Stalnaker
Lewis approach to counterfactuals (like Joyce).


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