At 10:39 -0700 20/09/2002, Tim May wrote:
>* Deutsch's "Fabric of Reality" is a slender book, with only the 
>first few chapters really making his main point (about how the 
>single- and double-slit experiments already "proved" the MWI 
>interpretation a century ago, had we known what to look for, and 
>that quantum computers make the point as well).

You are a little bit unfair with Deutsch imo. His FOR book is only
superficially slender, I would say.
I think it is a courageous book. It is more philosophically rigorous
than most books written by physicists ...
It is also very clear, so clear that it is refutable, in particular
his use of comp is incompatible with his physicalist revision of
Church thesis.
My opinion is that Deutsch book is a nice companion of Smolin's three
roads, which, as I said once, is ambiguous on its QM interpretation.
Like Tegmark, Schmidhuber or me, Deutsch is aware of the power and
importance of the "everything" idea, even if its use of it is
weakened by its physicalist prejudices.
I share also its view on Popper.


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