Title: Re: Many Fermis Revisited
At 22:47 +0100 13/01/2003, scerir wrote:
[George Levy]
Here is a (white) hared brained idea
on how to build a time machine.
You need a very good recording device
and a Quantum Suicide (QS) machine.
For a simpler device see:
[Tim May]
I am quite strongly persuaded that "many pasts
for a particular present" is not a reality.

I think GL is following Einstein (1931)
and Wheeler (1978) here. The past has no
evidence except as it is recorded at
present. Hence, you can choose 'how' to
observe this recorded past. By means of
which set-up. And you can get different

Indeed. Something quite similar appears also
in Bell "one-world" interpretation of Everett's relative
state theory. This is discussed with some detailed
in Barrett's book, mentioned recently by Tim, "The quantum
mechanics of Mind and Worlds". (Oxford Press 1999)
(I have read that book quickly but my first feeling
is that Barrett did not understand the Everett's subjective
/objective distinction (akin to 1/3 person distinction).
I would follow GL (George Levy or Godel-Lob as you wish!)
on the many pasts, although I am not sure Bell's many past
are so coherent with Everett. Interesting matter anyway.


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