I only recently became interested in QM after reading Tegmark's May 2003 SA article. In describing level 3 he used the example of a man meeting a woman and the two possible outcomes which both play out: (man and woman get married and have kids) and (man and woman go on their separate ways alone). The concept of what makes a real quantum branch irks me. Surely a man standing beside a nuclear explosion will never survive. A decision in one's mind however almost certainly constitutes a quantum branch - so maybe after the blast the scientist will wake up in the mind of himself having just decided not to detonate the bomb instead of somehow surviving. How much of a car accident survivability is decided by quantum branches? Maybe driving off a 100' cliff is a zero-chance event, but deciding to slow to 40mph around the corner on top of the cliff is the branch the person will revert to.

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I'd be interested to hear of any other versions of this everything/immortality theory that people you about, and also of how you came up with similar ideas and the responses you had from people you told.

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It's hard to carry a conversation about QM with the "real" people in my life - unless I can get them to read the Tegmark article (which I've color-copied numerous times but don't think anyone's finished..). Until the time there's a well packaged believable QI theory - I'll keep my input on the subject to this list.

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