We're going to drive Mike Connelly crazy if every response concerning Frank's emails 
repeats the f word spelt out.
Mike Connelly: "Everytime this thread is responded to with the F word our IT 
department gets notified and, in turn, notifies me about a blip on the content filter. 
 Its a pain in my ass, so please drop the word if responding.  Thanks."
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Frank, please!

My 11 year old grand-daughter opened your e-mail. I'm attempting to introduce her to 
physics and the world of theory/discovery. Her response to your message was, "Papa, 
who's he mad at?" I said, "Honey, he's probably trying to get a point across." "But 
what's his point?," she inquired. Then she asked if you were a kid or adult. And so it 

For Kimberly's sake Frank, please - no more of this.
-Bob Strasser 

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> get f-----

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