Dear Russel,

    Could we associate this "psychological time" with the orderings that
obtain when considering successive measurements of various measurements of
non-commutative canonically conjugate  (QM) states?
    Also, re your Occam's razor paper, have you considered the necessity of
a principle that applies between observers, more than that involved with the
Anthropic principle? Something along the lines of: the allowable
communications between observers is restrained to only those that are
mutually consistent. We see hints of this in EPR situations. ;-)

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I think that "psychological time" fits the bill. The observer needs a
a temporal dimension in which to appreciate differences between

"Physical time" presupposes a physics, which I haven't done in

It is obviously a little more structured than an ordering. A space
dimension is insufficient for an observer to appreciate differences,
isn't it?



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