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> It may be a question of "interpretations of interpretations of QM",
> however on the basis of the New Scientist article, I don't believe
> Afshar have shown a problem with the complementarity principle.

I agree. But imagine the usual two-slit set-up. And this
unusual screen, to reveal the interference pattern ...

They are a set of photographic plates, they can register
both the photons and their directions, i.e. if they come
from the upper or from the lower slit (photons coming from
the upper slit hit the upper face of the photographic plate,
photons coming from the lower slit hit the lower face, there
is a principle of conservation of momentum after all).

Calculations made by Zurek and Wooters show that this kind
of screen works, that is it can reveal - in principle - both
the "welcher weg" and the interference pattern.

But the complementarity principle forbids that. 
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