Hi Jesse:

The All contains inconsistent FAS [we have no issue here as far as I can tell] and thus all of the theorems of such FAS as some of the kernels of information simultaneously. [Do we have an issue here?] This content makes the All inconsistent. [OK?] The All does not output anything - it is internally inconsistent. [OK?]. A Something [see the original post] can not evolve [its boundary moving through the All in an attempt to complete itself ] consistent with its prior evolution because each new kernel encompassed by its boundary changes the Something and further some such kernels may be inconsistent with those kernels already encompassed. [OK?] Further the consistent evolution of a Something would be a selection [evolution according to some plan] which is not allowed [see original post] [OK?] This in no way prevents any kind of string of states from being encompassed. [OK?]


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