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> Dear aet.radal ssg,
> I think you missed my point about the amnesic and psychotic patients, which 
> is not that they are clear thinkers, but that they are conscious despite a 
> disability which impairs their perception of time. Your post raises an ...

As I said before, I think this is a valuable contribution, but not
something I know how to deal with at this point in time. Presently,
these psychotic patients account for only a fraction of conscious
observers (assuming they are conscious as you say they are). Quantum
Mechanics only requires that most observers have their own time like
domain, not that all of them do. I'm still not convinced that TIME
isn't a necessary property of observerhood, as opposed to a likely
contingent one, but there the debate stagnates, as I'm not an expert
in psychiatry.

I did want to throw one more po thought. Even though standard QM is
based on continuous time, nowhere does TIME require time to be experienced
continuously. It could just as easily be the Cantor set, say. Might not
the time experienced by these psychotic people be a fractal set like
that, or are you saying they have absolutely no sense of time at all?


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