The Grover algorithm is a form of accessing information from other
worlds. Of course the worlds need to be prepared in just the right
way, of course...

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> I'm not one to shy away from what others would perceive to be "unbridled 
> speculation," however there are a few fundamental problems with the idea 
> set forth by Jeanne.  First, to the best that I understand, there is no 
> evidence that we will ever be able to access the information of the 
> parallel outcomes (worlds) in question.  We can access the processing 
> power of the other worlds, but the laws of physics seem to prevent our 
> pulling information from another "world" into our world given the 
> collapse that happens at the end of a computation (when we get our 
> result from a quantum computer).  So the idea seems to be prohibited by 
> the laws of physics.  And lets not even get into the proof problem.  
> It's sort of like UFO's.  Is it easier to believe that someone  is 
> crazy/seeing things/misinterpreting stimuli, or that they really are 
> seeing other worlds/aliens?  Spectacular claims  require spectacular 
> proof, and I don't see how this idea presents the prospect of any 
> proof.  Perhaps, if someone could in a statistically significant way 
> predict future events or the location of hidden items, like remote 
> viewing, could provide evidence, but there would still have to be some 
> way to establish the link between that phenomena and other worlds.
> Danny

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