Dear Norman,

Existence, itself, can not be said to require an explanation for such would be a requirement that there is a necessitate prior to which Existence is dependent upon. Pearce's idea is not new and we have it from many thinkers that the totality of the multiverse must sum to zero, that is the essence of symmetry. It is the actuality of the content of our individual experiences (including all of the asymmetries) that we have to justify.


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Quentin Anciaux,

Thanks for the explanation.  Unlike much that is said here, I am able to
understand what you mean.  But it's not satisfying, and the core mystery
remains.  Even if Pearce is correct and everything in the multiverse
self-cancels and adds up to zero, so what?  That is not an explanation of

Obviously, we don't know THE answer - do you (or anybody) think there CAN be
an answer that does not require supernatural intervention? What might it

My wife says the answer is "Because."

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