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Pardon the intrusion, but in your opinion does every form of dualism require that one side of the duality has properties and behaviors that are not constrained by the other side of the duality, as examplified by the idea of "randomly emplaced souls"? The idea that all dualities, of say mind and body, allow that minds and bodies can have properties and behaviours that are not mutually constrained is, at best, an incoherent straw dog.

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Since it is coming from Nick B., over-exhaustive :)
I don't think anybody, Nick included, has yet come up with a convincing way to define appropriate reference classes. Absent this, the only way to rescue
the DA seems to be a sort of dualism (randomly emplaced souls etc).

Nooo! - the DA does not imply dualism. The souls do not need to exist
anywhere else before being randomly emplaced.


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