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> Interesting note about "mind": there is no German language
> equivalent for it. Another reason to be *very* careful when
> employing it. <Sarcastic comment about the possibility of
> Teutonic zombies elided.>  

I am surprised about that! The word "der Geist" sprang immediately to
mind as the translation.

According to my German/English disctionary, the relevant words were:

die Seele (psychology)
der Geist (intellect)
das Gemuet (feelings)
das? Lust  (desire/inclination) (bsp ich habe Lust zu es machen)

So Geist or Seele would in fact be the closest translations to how I
used mind above. Similarly in French, the word esprit would be
used. In English, these two words have become corrupted to Ghost and
Spirit, meaning much the same thing as each in English, but somewhat
different to the original language meanings. In Seele becomes Soul in English.

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