Bruno may not be very articulate and I may never forgive myself
for trying to answer for him but I think he is clear enough about

Godfrey Kurtz
(New Brunswick, NJ)

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Okay, but two questions:

1. by "comp" do you mean the "computationalist hypothesis" as apparently
used by philosophers? Is "comp" just an abbreviation for that?

No! What he calls COMP is NOT what you call the "computationalist hypothesis", i.e. that computers MAY acquire conscious thought. What he calls COMP is
apparently the notion that HE is already a machine (and who am "I" to
disagree?) or more specifically a program that enumerates it.
Moreover he wants you and I and George and everyone else to be THAT SAME
program, the same I!

Me? Not so much...

2. By "Turing-emulable" do you mean that we can be imitated by a
physical Turing machine (or, what amounts to the same thing),
by a computer? Or, instead, are you going to the Pure Platonism,
with no separate existence of a physical reality required?

Not sure here but I think he is going WAY-WAY beyond Pure Platonism.
Remember that even Plato had some regard for the world of appearance
and that his souls had to migrate from it a some point...

> Comp is precisely the conjunction of Church
> Thesis, of some amount of belief in arithmetic, + the act of faith
> saying "yes" to *some* digitalist surgeon.

And this is the same as saying yes to being uploaded, say, into
a computer? (I will, for the sake of other readers, even extend
this by stipulating a computer that provides a fully Earth like virtual
reality and which allows multiple mobile sensors on the Earth's
surface so that folks can both feel at home, and also not lose
contact with the actual world.)

No, again. He is not being uploaded but we are all uploaded already:
He is not IN the Matrix! He is WITH the machines! He is
that architect guy with the white outfit and the beard! Keanu help us all!!!

Best regards,

Same to you

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