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> Hi Tom,
> Than you can surely understand how disappointed I feel! It's even more
> like the hooka-smoking-Caterpillar
> since Bruno pulled the mushroom right from under me!!! Oh! Maybe was
> just a pipe dream, like those of that
> Lob(otomy?) machine of his. How sad!!!
> Sorry guys. Looks like I have been scooped...
> Godfrey Kurtz
> (New Brunswick, NJ)

But was your argument based on the white rabbit problem? And in any
case, the white rabbit problem is merely a problem for Bruno's thesis,
not a show stopper. As far as I'm aware, my solution to the white
rabbit problem is compatible with Bruno's COMP, although it does
require some additional assumptions. Nobody has checked this
thoroughly, of course.

Hi Russell,

My argument is not based on the White Rabbit Problem since I don't
even know what that is, in all honesty! From reading Brunos's "popular
account" I gather it has something to do with the possibility of finding
unruly or unexpected things once you believe the kind of "theory" he
and, I guess you, profess. No?

Without meaning to disrespect your solutions, I think Quantum Mechanics
produces a very good deal of "White Rabbits" on its own, and by this
I mean predictions that thwart any of the everyday type of expectations
you place on reality! Have you heard of the "Mean King Problem", for
example? If you want a big "hat" from where loads of these come out

The argument I believe I have is just a simple working out of the premise
of YD till you get to a situation that our current knowledge of QM can
defeat. I am sure there are many more that you can think up with a
bit of reflection. If you want to consider those White Rabbit's is entirely
up to you as long as you start getting used to have them around...

So it is time to put up or shut up Godfrey! If you have some genuine
argument against the YD, let's hear it.


As I stated before I don't react very well to that style of macho pressure
in spite of my (clumsy) attempts to use it on Bruno!
As it turns out my argument may be of interest for another issue that
some people have been disputing in the land of quantum marginalia,
but I am not entirely convinced of that yet. When I am I may try and
sketch it for the list, though I am doubtful that you would have any
interest in it since its speculative level is orders of magnitude below
what you guys are used to... (;-)

Cheers indeed,


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