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> [RS]
> Interestingly, someone pointed me at a paper by Esche the other day,
> arguing that alternative "projection postulates" are compatible with
> the MWI. The precise alternative projection postulate they supplied
> turns out to be riddled with white rabbits - which makes me speculate
> that the Born rule is precisely what you need to kill off all the
> white rabbits in the MWI.
> [GK]
>  I can't say I follow you here. MWI + Projection postulates should 
> reproduce
>  regular Copenhagenian QM since MWI is basically QM - Projection 
> Postulates!
>  Now killing white rabbits with the Born rule!??? If that could be 
> done, seems to
> me, would obviate all the need for MWI in the first place, no?

Don't worry too much - I'm indulging in a bit of idle speculation for
the benefit of Brent, amongst others. See my post msg07791.html
(available from
as the other archive appears to be out of action).


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