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I answer some relevant (imo) comments in one post (for avoiding mailbox abuse). 
For your others paragraphs, I can only suggest you study the UDA theorem

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How does this affect Bruno's UDA? As far as I can tell, steps 1-6 go
through as before, but after that the conclusions are not so clear.

But isn't step 1 the YD?

Good remark!  (And Russell's answer does not really answers).
Glad to see you are going from step 0 (YD hypothesis mainly) to step 1 (classical teleportation). What about step 2?

 I would leave the "soul" out of my statements. The soul-body problem was solved long time ago.

?     What is the solution?

 Sorry, but I don't follow here! You get physics but you loose theology!!! Why do you need the theology?

Is not comp, through the YD, not already a hope in a form of reincarnation?
I think we can have a scientific attitude (modesty, right of questioning hypotheses, methodological agnosticism) in the fundamental matter. I'm just interested in "theology" and particularly in "cosmogony": where and why information, sensations, space and time come from.

 I guess you are right. I think I am more confused about what you are saying than when we started this exchange.

It is all normal. I see you don't grasp the point. More in my answer to Lee Corbin, about "computationalism".
About the links: I know them. Thanks anyway.


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