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Being more specific: intelligences vastly greater than
might possibly as soon as 2200 A.D. be in a position
to design,
if they wanted to, a cubic meter of computing material
would simulate the thoughts of everyone currently
living in 2005.

Fantastic generalization, Lee!

My 1st remark goes for a specification of
intelligence, different from the etymological
'inter-lego' version. 
This. too, belongs to it, as starting condition in an
'understanding' chapter, to 'read' what is not written
between the lines (words). I take the 'i' word as an
ELASTICITY of a well functioning mind (and what is
this?)  - not plasticity as Paul Churchland proposed
long ago. Prerequists are an extended memory (what is
it?) with an advancede ordering of knowledge into the
appropriate connotative connections (understanding). 
The cubic m is not big in terms of 1950 computer
hardware, but may work if we sub-pass the Planck
(Way below subminiaturizibg).

I would further specify: even if your dream works,
politicians would require ~1 cubic mm . 

John Mikes

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