This comment shows that you have very little understanding of the basics of relativity, and thus would not be in a position to say that your theory can reproduce its successful predictions since you obviously haven't studied them in any detail. In GR nothing can exceed the speed of light *locally* (ie no particle in the same location as a photon can pass it), although the distance between objects in different locations can increase faster than light due to the expansion of space. FTL spatial expansion does not lead to causality violations (nor is it solely something that happened shortly after the big bang, even today sufficiently distant galaxies are moving away faster than light--do you know what the Hubble constant is?), but the ability to exceed light locally certainly would, if you assume local Lorentz-symmetry.

Like I said before, this isn't an appropriate place to discuss theories of "alternative physics", it's off-topic here. Please take this discussion somewhere else, like the "Independent Research" forum I mentioned earlier.


Have you ever heard of the "Big Bang" and the period just after where
the universe expanded much faster than the speed of light.

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Faster than light effects lead to violations of causality. There are
very stringent experimental constraints against such effects.

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> I say any massless particle that has a charge supporting a Coulomb
> force must travel at the speed of light or faster because the Coulomb
> force travels at the speed of light and a charged massless particle
> will be repelled by its own Coulomb force.
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> > * Only photons travel at the speed of light.  (Except my tronnies
> > that
> > usually go faster than the speed of light.)
> Who says? Any massless particle will travel at the speed of light.
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