Game of Life is an example 2D system capable of universal
computation. I'm not sure this implies consciousness is possible in
2D, but it needs to be considered.

I think Turing machines are impossible in 1D, however...


On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 10:52:39PM -0500, Stephen Paul King wrote:
> Hi George,
>     It seems to me that the notion of "storing" and communication 1 bit 
> explicitly requires some form of stable structure over multiple queries. Does 
> this not lead to the requirement of some form of physicality, a physicality 
> that is epiphenomena at best in the ideal monism (everything is Numb3rs) 
> theory?
>     As to the question of the smallest dimension that can support life and 
> consciousness; this has been considered by many people. My own ideas consider 
> the smallest dimension that allows for the greatest diversity of forms, forms 
> available to instantiate and represent ideal Forms. We find that in 3 
> dimensions there exists at least a countable infinity of topologically 
> distinct objects that require non-trivial computational resources to sort and 
> categorize. 
> Onward!
> Stephen
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>   I conjecture that if one can design physical laws for a universe capable of 
> 1) supporting the NAND function 2) storing (locally) 1 bit, 3) transmitting 1 
> bit from one point to another point, then one could also generate a Turing 
> machine in this universe which would then be capable of supporting machine 
> duplication (life) and AI (consciousness.) The basic physical laws (TOE) in 
> such a universe would be very simple. One would need 1) a logical law: NAND; 
> 2) a state law to allow the existence of "states"; and a concept of extension 
> or space such that different states can exist at different locations and be 
> transmitted from one location to another location.
>   A related question is what is the smallest number of dimension for such a 
> universe, that can support life and consciousness.
>   George

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