Tom Caylor writes:

It seems to me that as soon as we talk about measure, it is equivalent to talking about one (physical!) universe. This is similar to your George Levy's taking the ratio of the lengths of two line segments. You don't need a multiverse to do that. I think that talking of measure in the multiverse is taking a common sense thing in a single universe and (erroneously) trying to make it make sense in the multiverse. I don't think it works. So yes I'm ignoring something that doesn't work, in my view. I brought up the problem of the additional 10^100 copies, but your bringing up the word "measure" doesn't solve it. The reason why you don't buy lottery tickets could just as easily be explained in a single universe.

Are you saying that probability can only mean anything in a single physical universe? And that because apparently probability does have meaning, this is evidence that there is only a single physical universe? Would you go further and say that the universe must be finite, because many of the properties of the multiverse are mirrored in a single infinite universe?

Stathis Papaioannou

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