the only explanation that I see fit in this context is an anthropic like 

To have this discussion about why we haven't seen/experienced weird things up 
till now is that we must be conscious observer that haven't seen/experienced 
weird things up till now ;) 

And only our next extensions that live in an universe where no weird things 
happen will continue to ask why don't I see weird things happening ?


Le Mercredi 14 Décembre 2005 09:42, Quentin Anciaux a écrit :
> Hi Jesse,
> > unless you are willing to say that white rabbit universes have a
> > lower absolute measure than stable-laws-of-nature universes, you have no
> > justification for expecting that you are unlikely to experience such
> > events in your future.
> >
> > Jesse
> You have no justification, but in (everything like) multiverse, it is for
> sure (probability 1) that an extension of your present self *will*
> experience weird events. Because all possibilities are fullfiled in the
> multiverse...
> The problem arise because of what we call "I"... the "I" that will
> experience weird thing will remember being the present "I"... So when you
> say that you have to explain why *you* are unlikely to experience weird
> event, who is "you" ? All next "you" will remember being current "you".
> Regards,
> Quentin

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