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Brent Meeker writes:

Theism is the belief that the world was created by a single omnipotent, superhuman agent who cares about human behavoir and intervenes in worldly events.

Is that your theory??

Brent Meeker
Atheism is not a religion, just as a vacant lot is not a type of
building, and health is not a form of sickness.  Atheism is not a
        --- Jim Heldberg, San Francisco Atheist Coordinator

Indeed! And the lack of belief in the Sun and the Moon as deities is not a religion, and the lack of belief in Santa Claus and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is not a religion.

Here I disagree very much. With all my respect I think you are probably confusing agnosticism with atheism:

- the lack of belief in God is agnosticism (if g = "God exists", and B is belief, it corresponds to ~Bg. This is compatible with the lack of belief in the non existence of Gods: ~B~g) -atheist are believer: they believes that God does not exist. This is B~g, and this is inconsistent with ~B~g.

Science should be agnostic, at least methodologically, even with g = "there is a universe or there is an observer moment". Comp science is provably agnostic: Dt -> ~BDt.



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