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Just keep in mind that with theology libraries and
buyers will connotate a religious oeuvre, with
psychology a neurological or psychiatric one, wich
mewchanism an engineering treatise, with
1st person a psychological babble, so people will
abstain from reading it.
Did you identify a topic for the library systematic?
(I wonder)

Let me anticipate on something which I will say to Benjamin.
I think we should separate two discussions:

1) is "theology" the correct wording (especially when comp is assumed)
2) is "theology" not too much undiplomatic (for historical reasons and uses)

I will come back on both issues. Let me say that one of the growing version of the english version of my thesis has the title "elementary *testable* theology", but I don't exclude at all I could change my mind about that title, either for diplomatic reasons and/or for "scientific" reasons (in case Ben succeed for example in explaining that G* has nothing to do with theology (even comp theologies), which I doubt.



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