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> The "dovetailer" keeps sounding like a powerful idea. I do remember that it 
> has often been mentioned here, but somehow I failed to pick up a sense of 
> what it was really about. Was there a message to the Everything-List in which 
> it was explained so that non-experts can understand it? I'm not asking you to 
> track that message (or series of messages) down, but if you or somebody 
> remembers around which month it was, that should be enough for me to find it. 
> Or is there a link to a Webpage with such an exposition?

Do a Google search, or a search on the everything list archives eg
Google "everything list dovetailer".

> Level III varies across quantum branchings. Level II varies across times and 
> places along a single quantum branch in such a way that its features come out 
> the same as Level III's features.

This is not my reading. Level II universes vary their fundamental
physical constants, eg G, alpha and so on.

Level I universes merely vary in time and space, but sufficiently
separated as to be causally independent.


> But I haven't noticed anybody here talking about variational principles or 
> optimizational equations in any connection, much less in relation to Level 
> IV. (While there is an obvious echo of optimization in applying Occam's Razor 
> to Level IV's mathematical structures, this doesn't seem to involve any 
> application of mathematical extremization, variations, Morse Theory, etc., so 
> it seems not really the same thing. It's certainly not the only echo between 
> a mode of inference (present instance: surmise, simplest explanation) and a 
> mathematical formalism (extremization, shortest paths, etc.).)

Extremum principles come up mostly in Roy Frieden's work. No-one has
managed to integrate Frieden's stuff into the usual framework of this
list, so little mention has been made of it, but I do mention it in my
book. The hope is that some connection can be forged.

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