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> Of course, we can't be sure when we close ourselves in from any
> explanation that is "meaningless".
> We can run but we cannot hide from the fact that we will always have to
> make assumptions that are without basis.  Even when we close ourselves
> in from any explanation that is not based on what we can grasp with our
> brains, that step itself is ultimately unsupported.  This is what I've
> called rationalism *in a closed system*.  Rationalism in a closed
> system, the supposed path to autonomy from the transcendent, itself
> requires faith.

Rationalism itself requires faith, and so can be open. Only "total" 
form of rationalism are closed, but then non universal, as surely 
number theory of computer science are when they are not identified with 
such and such machine or formal theory. This explains why machines 
cannot not evolve.
The openness is a consequence of the closure of the comp realm for the 
diagonalization procedure, what smullyan explains much to quickly in 



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