Le 25-mars-06, à 19:17, 1Z a écrit :

> That doesn't follow. An emulation of you must have some kind of
> functional
> equaivalence or isomomrphism, but that leaves it as a map, not as
> a territory. You can no more guarantee that your functional equivalent
> is conscious (not a Zombie)  than you can guarantee that you can gor
> potatoes
> in the map of a farm.

Right! That is why comp needs a non trivial act of faith.

> I can assure you that real-life physicsists do use it.

Give reference please.

> If you get your
> information about physics from new-age books, that is another matter.

  I don't follow you. Give explicit references.  I never put people in 
any category. Your remark just makes no sense for me.



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