Le 07-avr.-06, à 22:52, John M a écrit :

> I went to see your points 1-8, as suggested. I started
> to read AT THE BEGINNING and got stupefait
> (perplexed?) by your sentences.

Which one? (If you are interested in an explanation).

> First: I don't
> appreciate thought experiments:

All proof based on a theory are thought experiments, of course not all 
thought experiments are proof. The only way to decide what is the case 
can consist in following the argument and judiging by oneself.

> they are artifacts to
> show something NOT TRUE and make 'the truth' shown by
> it (eg. EPR). People love them because it leads them
> into the world of HP.
> People like fairytales. I like the ones I found out.
> I got stuck with the term 'subastitution' especially
> when it became a 's'-level.
> My eyes got glazed as I read on and less and less of
> your words "matgerialized" into meaning. Then came a
> cute figure (1) reminding me of Star Trek. I loved it
> as an anusing fairy tale.  Then less and less reading
> occurred with conceptual following and more and more
> 'scroll-down;.
> This was not the first time I looked at your text.
> This time I made up my mind that I want to stay with
> it: I could not.

No problem. Is it the comp hypothesis which makes problem for you?? It 
is my working hypothesis. All what I claim is that IF comp is correct 
THEN matter is not primitive, and its appearances can be justified from 
numbers and number theoretical relations (UDA), and then (but only 
then) I show that logic can help to find an effective way to derive 
laws of matter from laws of number.
I have no idea if comp is true or false, indeed all what I have done 
has been to show that comp can be made precise enough so that it 
becomes refutable (although it remains unprovable in case it is true).

> <snip>

By programming, or by Godel numbers, or by using some representation 
result. It is hard to be both clear and rigorous giving the subtleties 
involved in an intrinsic difficult subject.

John, what is your opinion about comp? Would you accept a digital brain 
transplant? What about the weaker question: Would you accept your 
daughter or your son get married with some one having already said 
"yes" for a digital brain substitution?



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