Le 25-avr.-06, à 17:37, Tom Caylor a écrit :

>> Tom Toffoli's paper, "Nothing makes sense in computing except in the
>> light of evolution", gives support to the idea that there needs to be
>> some "meta" element to give meaning or design to this whole swirl of
>> information we see around us.  I think this is also why we keep 
>> feeling
>> the need to appeal to anthropic thoughts.
>> Tom
> I'd like to add that I don't think that evolution in a closed system
> actually supplies a "meta element".  I'm just pointing out that
> Toffoli's paper is an example of recognizing that there needs to be a
> "meta element".


> In fact, "closed system" and "meta element" seem to be contradictory.

Not necessarily. It could depend of what you mean exactly by "closed".
Closure for the diagonalization procedure is the key. Diagonalization 
is the key of the "heart of the matter". I will come back on this 

> And, back to the original question, "closed system" and "erasing
> information" seem to be contradictory.




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