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> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>>Le 01-juil.-06, à 19:54, Brent Meeker a écrit :
>>>Sure it is.  Just because something cannot be directly experienced
>>>doesn't rule it out of a
>>>scienctific model: quarks can't be observed, but their effects can.
> Brent:
> what gives you the right to "assume" a non experienceable quark as
> described,
> and 'assign' some observation (rather: math. conclusion) to "IT"?
> Only after eliminating ALL (possible and impossible in our view) other cases
> that might have led to the effect assigned to  "quarks" quae non sunt.
> This is the very method by which conventional science arrives at paradoxes.
> Sorry for the outburst, please read it in a mild tune of voice.
> Thank you
> John M

I, or more accurately Murray Gell-Mann, didn't "assume" a non-experiencable 
quark; he created a 
model of nuclear constituents and called them quarks.  Frank Wilcez showed why 
they would not be 
observable individually.  But this model correctly predicted (not "assigned") 
the results found in 
many subsequent experiments.  So it is a model in which I place some credence.

You gotta problem with that!?

Brent Meeker

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