Le 04-juil.-06, à 04:53, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

<x-tad-bigger>Lee Corbin writes:</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> > > which is why in symmetrical duplication experiments I anticipate</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> > that I will become one of the duplicates with equal probability.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> What do you think of your survival chances if you happen to know</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> that after you fall asleep tonight, you will be disintegrated,</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> but the information will be used to create two exact duplicates,</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> and then one of the duplicates is vaporized and the other </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> returned to your bed completely unaware?</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> Zero?  (I.e., you don't survive the "teleportation" aspect at all.)</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> One-half?  (I.e., your soul goes into one at random, and if that's</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>>             the one that dies, then your number is up.)</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>> One?   (I.e., Stathis will wake up in bed for sure tomorrow, and</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>>         resume his life just as he has done everyday (since our</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>>          fiendish experiments began when he was five years old))</x-tad-bigger>

<x-tad-bigger> One. That's how it will *seem* and that is what is important to me.

In case someone doubt it, it is the comp answer. But then, what happens to you in front of a universal dovetailing ?



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