" We are a quite sinple system (depicted in 3+1 D), so
our logic is also pretty simple (one-way pragmatic)."

Actually Cooper shows that even our simple system is not classically

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J.Cohen and I.Stewart in their chef d'oeuvre "Collapse
of Chaos" play around with aliens who they call
Zarathustrans, and who display a different 'alien'
logic. It is quite refreshing. You say: Sound? brings
up the tune of the Latin maxim:
mens sana in corpore  sano assigning the 'mental' to
the body we deal with. I reformulated this latter as:
the mind is limited by the 'material' tools we use.
Other tools? - maybe other logic, other math. 

A uiniverse IMO is structured by the ingredients it
started with in the unlimited variability of infinite
BigBangs (my narrative) consequently the relations of
those different ingredients (universe-system, call it
universe consciousness etc.) may evolve different self
reflective complex conglomerates (like here: it is us
humans)  with accordingly shaped mentality (logic,
math, etc.) 
We are a quite sinple system (depicted in 3+1 D), so
our logic is also pretty simple (one-way pragmatic).
Other universes may be more sophisticated and I have
pity for those poor fellow (simpleminded) humans who
may 'teleport' or 'duplicate' into such - much  more
sophisticated worlds and may become there their stupid
bums<G> with their memory-experience-logic luggage. 

John M

--- Lennart Nilsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> William S. Cooper says: "The absolutist outlook has
> it that if a logic is
> valid at all it is valid period. A sound logic is
> completely sound
> everywhere and for everyone, no exceptions! For
> absolutist logicians a
> logical truth is regarded as 'true in all possible
> worlds', making logical
> laws constant, timeless and universal."
> Where do the laws of logic come from? he asks the
> absolutist. 
> Bruno?

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