Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> Destroying your species runs counter to evolution. 

That doesn't mean it can't happen - it only means you weren't the dominant 

>I'll rephrase that: everything that happens in
> nature is by definition in accordance with evolution, but those species that 
> destroy themselves
> will die out, while those species that don't destroy themselves will thrive. 
> Therefore, there
> will be selection for the species that don't destroy themselves, and 
> eventually those species
> will come to predominate. 

First, that doesn't mean the eventually dominant species will be intelligent - 
by weight bacteria 
are the predominant species on Earth.  Second, it assumes a kind of static 
equilibrium.  It may be 
that there are cycles in which similar species become predominant, kill 
themselves off, and then 
re-evolve.  Or it may be that there is a kind of chaotic succession of 
different species becoming 

>When you think about it, the theory of evolution is essentially a
> tautology: those species which succeed, succeed.

I don't think that's a fair chracterization.  Darwin said that the species with 
the highest rate 
differential reproduction will succeed - and that's separately analyzable 

Brent Meeker

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