Bruno Marchal wrote:

> You asked me more difficult problems in the past, John.
> *assuming comp*, there is an easy answer.  Go to Numberplatonia, use
> Goedel's technic to write a little program with the instruction "help
> yourself". Pray each day your little program develop itself convenably,
> perhaps with the help of the heaven.  When sufficiently developed,
> maybe after billions of years, invite e to the next grocery and buy er
> a vanilla candy, and then ask er. E will give you the best description
> you can ever hope of a taste of vanilla, corresponding to a billion
> years of ordinary number manipulations and you can look at them if you
> have print the execution of the program.

There is no reason to think numbers can describe qualia at
all, so the question of the  "best" description hardly arises.

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